Reeta Peshawaria-Menon Fellowship Award for the year 2018

The India Vision Foundation, New Delhi is happy to declare the outcome of the selection process for the Reeta Peshawaria-Menon Fellowship Awardfor the year 2018to celebrate excellence in the areas so dear to Reeta. In this fifth year, nine applications were considered eligible. The Panel of experts constituted by the IVF recommended that this year’s award be given to Mr. RAJESH RAMACHANDRAN for his proposal on “Effective transition for students with multiple Disabilities–A model: A Resource book for Rehabilitation Professionals and Parents”.

Congratulations Mr. Rajesh Ramachandran


(Rajesh Ramachandran)feel extremely honoured and humbled on the announcement of the Reeta Peshawaria– Menon Fellowship Awardfor the year 2018. I am extremely thankful to the highly efficient team members of the IVF and the panel members who have selected my proposal on An effective transition for students with multiple disabilities- A Model. A Resource book for Rehabilitation professionals and Parents. Moving from adolescence into adulthood, changing a living situation, or experiencing the death of parent or caregiver are some of the most difficult experiences. However, these challenges may be compounded for people with multiple disabilities. The transition programme involves participation from school personnel, adult service providers, parents and the individuals themselves.

I am sure with the support from the IVF, a resource material for the special schools working for persons with multiple disabilities in the country can be prepared and this material can be used for training of the pre- service teachers of students with disabilities

I once again would like to thank all for the support and it will be really a great honour for me to work with the team members of IVF.

Rajesh Ramachandran
Rehabilitation Officer & Course Co-ordinator (B.Ed, SE, ASD)
NIEPMD , ECR, Muttukadu
603,112 Chennai
Mo: 09884718969