Reeta Peshawaria Menon was Consultant Clinical Psychologist Lead at the Tertiary Assessment and Treatment Service of the Specialist Learning Disability Services at Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Hertfordshire, UK where she worked from 2000 till her death in 2012. Before that she served as Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at the National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India for sixteen years.

Reeta strongly believed in and practised Applied Behaviour Analysis. She was strongly influenced by Humanistic approaches and wrote extensively on Functional Analysis and Behaviour modification techniques. Her specialism was in Challenging behaviours amongst Autism Spectrum Disorders and Intellectual Disability.  She promoted Self Advocacy and Family Support programmes. She practised Self regulation and Self resolving strategies in her clients. Staff training and mediator analysis were necessary part of her intervention programmes.

The Fellowship award had been established by the family members of Reeta Peshawaria Menon   to promote the values and practices Reeta very dearly valued and stood for.

Nature of the Fellowship Award: This Award will consist of monthly Bursary of determined amount in Rupees to a deserving candidate for a maximum period of 12 months.

Eligibility: Students and Trainees attending any University or College training programme in India in Clinical Psychology, Special Education or any Rehabilitation Course at Diploma or Degree level having special interest in Applied Behaviour Analysis, Autism Spectrum Disorders or Cognitive Behaviour Therapies can apply for the Bursary. They will have to demonstrate their special interest by submitting a written proposal for Research, Outline of Review of Research papers, proposed Essay, Compilation of  Practice Guidelines, or writing a Book, or Developing and Implementing an Innovative model of  Services. Conflict of interest, if any must be stated.

Selection: The Fellowship funds will be managed by India Vision Foundation. Selection of suitable candidate will be made by a Committee of Experts and Trustees appointed by the IVF Trust. 

Outcome: On completion of the determined period of the Bursary, the candidate is expected to bring out a report and publish the work carried out in any scientific journal, Newspaper, Essay in a Magazine or a Mimeographed report. All submissions will be sent for peer review and accepted after incorporating suggested changes. When published, due credit and acknowledgement be given to the  Reeta Peshawaria Fellowship by stating that…”this work was carried out with Bursarial support of Reeta Peshawaria Fellowship during the period from………to…….  .


Awardee 2019